From billypenn.com:

“The Germantown Supply Hub Mutual Aid & Protest Support, developed in response to both the pandemic and the protests against racism and police violence.”

“Based in a warehouse just down the road from popular cafe and bookstore Uncle Bobbie’s, it’s stocked with essentials like food, diapers and toiletries. But this is not like most shops you’ll find on a big city commercial corridor.

Everything is available for free.”

a collective of Germantown Community Members developing a mutual aid support hub in our local community. With the recent global pandemic and the recent influx of militarized police forces & national guard, we were infused with energy to put into action the kinds of dreams we’ve had about a world that truly centers the healing of black people. Witnessing folks across the city creating mutual aid hubs allowed us various models to put it into practice here in our section of Germantown.

We are working under a definition of Mutual Aid, not Charity.

For more info on this support model, read What is Mutual Aid?